Pay4Me (Reverse Calls)

Pay 4 Me (Reverse Call) is a service that will be available for all Prepaid Vodafone PNG Customers. Customers will be able to do Reverse Calls to other Prepaid Vodafone numbers (B-Party) for which B-Party will be charged upon accepting the call. 


How to do a Reverse Call Service?

  1. The Calling Number (A-Party) shall dial 03 followed by the Prepaid Vodafone mobile number being Called (B-Party).
  2. B-Party Number will receive a call and hear a prompt "To pay for the call press 1 to accept and press 2 to reject"
    • Press 1 to accept to pay on the caller’s behalf or Press 2 to decline. If the reverse call is accepted, the call will connect and charges will apply to B-Party.
    • If the reverse call is rejected, the call will not connect.

Pay 4 Me - Terms & Conditions

  1. Standard On-Net rates apply.
  2. This service is only available to Prepaid mobile numbers.
  3. Reverse call is not allowed to postpaid / off-net / international numbers.
  4. Reverse call is not available while roaming.
  5. To pay for the call press 1 or press 2 to reject the call.

FAQ's - Pay 4 Me

How much will I be charged for using the Pay4Me service?
There are no charges incurred to the A-Party number. The Called number (B-party) is charged at a rate of 1 toea per second during Peak hours and ½ toea per second during Off-Peak hours. This is a standard charge. Charging from account balance types (On-Net Time, Loaned Credit and Real Credit) will be the same as normal calls.

Can I use the Pay4Me service to send requests to off-net numbers and Postpay Numbers?
No, this service is only used for Prepaid mobile numbers.

Can the Pay4Me service be used by Postpaid numbers?
No, Postpaid numbers can neither initiate Pay4Me calls nor receive Pay4Me calls. 

What happens if called number has insufficient funds?
The Calling number will hear an IVR response that " Failed to connect the call. The Called Number has insufficient credit." 

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