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  Vodafone PNG Mobile Broadband Plans
TopUp (Kina)Data (GB)Expiry
K 1087 Days
K 15117 Days
K 201514 Days
K 352530 Days
K 504030 Days
K 10010030 Days
K 20023030 Days
K 30036030 Days
K 50067030 Days
Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans – Terms And Conditions

  1. The offer applies to prepaid mobile broadband customers only.
  2. TopUp your mobile broadband data number and get the corresponding data loaded instantly.
  3. No installation fees or no contracts are required.
  4. Data benefits are available on exact TopUp values only and not on cumulative TopUp.
  5. TopUp via hard cards, electronic vouchers, Direct TopUp, Web TopUp and MyVodafone App.
  6. Use your Vodafone Prepaid mobile phone to dial *121*2*broadband data number*15-digit TopUp Voucher number# or use the MyVodafone App to TopUp your mobile broadband data number.
  7. Denominations of K200, K300 and K500 are available via Direct TopUp and Web TopUp only. 
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  8. To use internet services, configure your broadband device’s access point name (APN) to ‘internet’.
  9. Our 3G/4G+ coverage is currently available in Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Mt. Hagen and Madang.
  10. To use Prepaid 4G+ broadband services, it is mandatory to be in a 4G+ coverage area and have a 4G+ Broadband Pocket WiFi/Router.
  11. Free Data SIMs are available at all Vodafone Retail and Roadshow locations, and selected Authorized Vodafone Dealer Outlets.
  12. Registration Requirements: Age 18 years and above + Valid Photo ID.
  13. All the rates outlined above are GST inclusive.
  14. For any queries, contact our Customer Care Team on 123 (Free Line for Prepaid), 124 (Premium Charged Line) or chat with us at

What is Mobile Broadband?

Broadband services refer to an internet-only connection that enables a user to use the internet as soon as they have connected the data device to your computer or to your smartphone/tablet/IoT device. Mobile broadband enables a user to access the internet via a portable device that is designed to access a mobile data network.

To compare, a fixed wired broadband connection limits a user to access the internet from one fixed location however with mobile broadband, a user is free to carry their mobile broadband device and access broadband services from anywhere within a coverage zone.

What is the different type of mobile broadband devices that Vodafone PNG provides?

  • Pocket Wi-Fi: A Battery-powered portable device that enables Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the internet via the mobile data network.
  • Router: A device that requires a power supply and enables customers to access the internet via WiFi or via an Ethernet cable.

What is wireless broadband?

Wireless broadband is a data device that are being used to transmit internet services without the use of a cable. Examples of a wireless broadband are the Pocket Wi-Fi Devices.

How can I TopUp my Mobile Broadband number?

There are several ways to TopUp a Mobile Broadband Data balance. The best method is from the MyVodafone App and WiFi Portal.

  1. MyVodafone App
  2. Send a TopUp SMS to 121 via the WiFi Portal
  3. From a Prepaid mobile number, Dial *122*2*Broadband Data Number*15-digit TopUp Voucher Number#
  4. Direct TopUp
  5. Web TopUp
  •   USSD Shortcode *122#
  • Dial *122# to view a menu of TopUp options.
  • Enter 2 to Select TopUp Other Phone.
  • Enter the mobile broadband number.
  • Enter the 15-digit TopUp Voucher number.
  • Verify the B-Party number and then Enter 1 to Select Yes to complete the TopUp process.
  • A success SMS message will be sent to confirm that the B-Party account has been topped up.

      PRO TIP: Dial *122*2*Broadband Data Number*15-digit TopUp Voucher Number#


How can I check my Prepaid Mobile Broadband Number’s account balance?

Balance Check provides information on the available balance and its respective expiry in a broadband account.

Ways to check balance are as follows:

  1. MyVodafone App
    • Log in by registering your mobile number in the MyVodafone App. (Note: The OTP Verification Code message will be sent to your SMS inbox.)
    • Tap on the down-arrow next to your number at the top.
    • Under “Vodafone Number” enter your broadband data number.
    • Under “Name”, enter a nick name for your broadband data number.
    • Select “PROCEED”.
    • Enter your email address. (Note: A One-Time-Password verification code will be sent to your email address.)
    • To check the balance, tap the home () button.
    • Select “more” to check more data balances.


  2. SMS 120 via Wi-Fi portal
    • Connect to your mobile broadband’s WiFi network.
    • Login to the Wi-Fi portal from the Wi-Fi device management app or enter the WiFi Portal URL in your browser. The URL may be written on the back or bottom of your broadband device.
    • Select the SMS section on the Dashboard.
    • Create a new SMS message, enter “120” in the recipient number, enter “My Balance” in the body, and Select Send.
    • A Balance SMS message will be sent listing out the total balances available, their balance expiries and the account expiry. Use the MyVodafone App to view more balance details.


How can I connect to the WiFi network?

  1. Turn on your Wireless broadband device.
  2. Enable the WiFi on your user device. E.g., laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  3. Scan and Select the WiFi Network SSID (WiFi name) of your WiFi device.
  4. Enter the WiFi Security Key or Password configured on the device. The default Wi-Fi Name/SSID and WiFi Key are usually written on the back or bottom of the WiFi device. If you have already configured your WiFi device and changed the WiFi password, enter your customized password here instead of the default password.
  5. Select “Connect” and wait for the connection to establish after a few seconds.

How can I setup the Access Point Name in my Huawei broadband device?


An Access Point Name (APN) is a communications gateway between a user’s device and the internet. The following method can be used to setup an APN Profile on a Huawei broadband device:

Click here to access user guides on how to set up your APN to “internet"

APN Profile Details

  1. Profile name: “VF PNG”.
  2. Leave Username and Password empty.
  3. APN: “internet”.
  4. Select Save or Apply.

How can I lock the Network Mode to 4G on my Huawei broadband device?


If you have an LTE-enabled broadband device and are in a 4G coverage area, but the device is not able to connect to the 4G network, the following steps may be used to change the network mode:

Click here to access user guides on how to set up 4G Network Mode on your broadband device 

4G Network Mode setup

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Network Settings.
  3. Change the Preferred mode to “4G” or “Auto”
  4. Select Network Search Mode to “Auto”.
  5. Select Apply to save changes.

What Broadband devices support 4G+?

  • Huawei 4G+ Mobile WiFi E5785-330
  • Huawei B535-933 4G+ Router
  • Huawei B628-350 4G+ Router

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