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Top Up Packs

Peak Hours: 6 am to 9.59 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

        Off-Peak Hours: 10 pm to 5.59 am (Friday to Mondays & on the weekends between 10pm Friday to 5.59am Monday


What is the Red Supa Plan?

This is Vodafone’s new postpaid mobile broadband plan. 

Does the plan come with a device?

Yes, you qualify for a Pocket Wi-Fi or Router based on the plan chosen when you sign up for a contract

How can I subscribe to a plan?

-Contact your Account Manager
Or calls us on, free for postpaid dial 125, free for prepay dial 123

Do I need to sign up for the contract?

If you need a device accompanied with the plan, then you need to sign a 24 months contract. If you just need the sim card, you are not required to sign a contract.

Are there any security deposit associated with signups?

Yes, and this is subject to financial vetting.

Whom is the plan applicable to?

This plan can be offered to anyone in Papua New Guinea but on a Postpaid service only which is subject to network coverage.

What are ‘Peak’ and ‘Off-Peak’ periods?

These are the periods within the days in which your plans data allocation has been split. Periods are as below:

   • Peak Period – usage between 6am to 9.59 pm everyday Monday to Friday.

   • Off-Peak Period – usage between Friday to Mondays & on the weekends between 10pm Friday to 5.59am Monday

How do I check my balance?

Data balance can be checked via the MyVodafone app, the app can be downloaded via the links below:

How do I top up after finishing my data allocation?

Please contact your Account Manager who will facilitate this for you.

Are there Top-ups separated into peak and Off-Peak periods?

Yes. The Red Supa Plan top-ups are separated into Peak and Off-Peak time periods. 

Are there any speed limitations on these plans?

No. Your speed is determined by best-effort connectivity between the device and the network.

How fast will my broadband be?

You'll get the best effort connectivity from the network. The speed is not guaranteed on the network. Speeds may vary between various times of the day depending on the number of users connected to the base station.

Estimated speeds on the networks are as follows:

4G+: 10-30+ Mbps

4G: 5-15 Mbps

3G: 1-5 Mbps

Are there any speed limitations on these plans?

The plan can be used on 3G, 4G & 4G+ network modes. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use 4G or 4G+ Network modes

How can I monitor my data usage?

Your usage can be monitored on My Vodafone App or simply talk to a customer care agent on 124 (Charged).

Is there any early termination penalty if you are on contract?

Yes, PGK 350  (GST Excl) applies as a standard early termination penalty. Pro-rated device charges will also apply



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