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Sign up on one of our selected Corporate Plans today and get yourself a #Samsung S21FE/S22/S22 Ultra


What is the FREE Samsung Promo?

This is Vodafone PNG’s Samsung Phone-on-Plan promotion where a customer gets a free Samsung S21FE/S22/S22 Ultra series handset upon signing up on a selected postpaid corporate plan. Offer ends while stocks last.

How can I sign up for the promotional offer?

Do I need to sign up for the contract?

Yes, this promotion is offered on a 24-month contract.

Is there any security deposit associated with signups?

Yes, and this is subject to financial vetting.

Is there any warranty offered with Samsung?

The basic warranty period is effective starting from the date of commencement of the agreement. The duration of the warranty period shall be the same as offered by the manufacturer of the handsets/phones.

What are the terms and conditions warranty?

The warranty case is a fact of failure or malfunctioning of equipment or its part excluding the following conditions:​

(a) mechanical damage (including unintentional) caused by misuse, by the usage of unoriginal parts, or by servicing or modification of the handset performed by people other than the manufacturer’s authorized Service Center;​

(b) defects caused by violation of operating instructions provided in the handset’s documentation;​

(c) defects caused by normal wear of the handset or aging of its parts during the warranty period;​

(d) Defects caused by computer viruses;​

(e) Defects caused by the usage of software, accessories, or other parts that are not approved by the manufacturer;​

(f) if the handset was used after a defect has been discovered; (g) inappropriate repair or maintenance.​

Note: All the above conditions do not withdraw the customer’s right for warranty maintenance if they were caused by personnel of the Service Center.

What Network mode can I get connected to?

The plan can be used on 3G, 4G, and 4G+ (LTE) network modes. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use 4G or 4G+ Network modes.

How can I monitor my data usage?

The easiest way to keep track of your plan benefits (Minutes, SMS & Data) is via the My Vodafone App. Alternatively, you can check your available plan benefits by dialing *120# and selecting available balances on option 3, or simply talk to a customer care agent on 125 (free)/123 (Charged).

Is there any early termination penalty if you are on contract?

Yes, PGK 250 (GST Exclusive) applies as a standard early termination penalty. Pro-rated device charges will also apply.

Is this offered for individual or business signups?​

This offer is available for both individuals and businesses. All connections are subject to credit vetting:​

Requirements for New Business/Company Application.​

  1. Proof of Company / Business registration​
  • Director’s Valid Identification E.g. Driver’s License, Passport, etc. – (Compulsory)​

  • Company registration documents (both sides of sole trader Business Registration) (Compulsory)​

  • TIN Letter - (Compulsory)​

  • Utilities Bill (PNG Power or Water PNG or Telephone) - (Compulsory)​

  • Bank Statement (for Businesses/companies in operation for less than 2(two)years) – internet banking statements (Maybe required)


Requirements for New Individual Application:​

  1. Proof of income / earning.​

  • Valid ID (Drivers Licence, Passport, NID) Identification – (Compulsory)​

  • Latest official company pay slip - (Compulsory)​

  • Utilities Bill (PNG Power or Water PNG or Telephone) - (Compulsory)​

  • Last consecutive 3(three) months' bank statements- internet statements must be stamped- (May be required)​

2.    Residential Address Details.



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