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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for voice plan?

In order to subscribe for voice plan, contact Vodafone team to setup the account (vetting documents and security deposit will be required). Once account setup is done, you will be able to register the number and subscribe to the plan.

2. Can I subscribe to the voice plan using another mobile network number?

Since number portability is not allowed at the moment, the plan is applicable to Vodafone numbers only. If you do not have a Vodafone number, Vodafone will issue a new number with the plan.

3. Can I use my prepay Vodafone number to subscribe for the plan?

Yes, however prepay number will be needed to be convert to post pay. 

4. When does allocated benefits get reloaded.

Every 1st of the new month

5. What happens when allocated benefits get exhausted during the month?

Once allocated benefits gets exhausted, out bundle rates are applicable. Contact us today to get the rates. 

6. Can I recharge my post pay voice only plan?

Yes, post pay recharge will be enabled on the number.

7. How can I assure that my cost does not exceed my monthly standard fee?

The plan will have the provision to impose credit limit on the number 

8. How can I monitor my usage?

Your usage can be monitored on My Vodafone page, My Vodafone App or simply talk to our customer care agent on 125 (free) | 123 (charged).

9. When do I get the bill for my number?

Since this is a post pay service, the bill will be available first week of the following month.

10. Will I be able to make international calls?

Yes, however subscription is required for international dialing access. Contact us today to get the international call rates.

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