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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the devices come with warranty?

  • Yes, 1-year warranty on the devices and 3 months on the battery.

Can I use devices and connect to private APN?

  • Yes, you can as long as the sim is provisioned to APN.

How many devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi devices at any time?

  • Up to 15 devices, but for optimum speed it is required to share within 4 devices anytime.

Can I use router on another network or other sims?

  • No, the device is locked to Vodafone’s network only

Can I connect via LAN Cable?

  • Yes, you can connect via LAN cable on the available LAN ports on the routers.
  • You can turn off the Wi-Fi from your PC or Laptop and continue using via LAN cable.

Can you change the default WiFi name and Password?

Yes, you can by following the user manual or below steps:

  • Switch on the devices and get connected.
  • Open a web browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and type or on the IP address bar.
  • Log in to the admin portal using the default admin credentials.
    Default username: admin Default password: admin

What is the default Wi-Fi name and password?

  • The Wi-Fi name is called the SSID on the devices and the passwords are the Wi-Fi Key.
  • Both are available on the base of the devices or on the digital display.

How do I get the devices started?

  • Simple and easy, plug & play devices
  • No need for an IT expert

Which network modes are compatible?

  • 3G, 4G & 4G+

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