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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many internet links can be terminated in the CPE device / SD-WAN device?

Depending on the SD-WAN appliances, single or multiple links can be terminated.

2. Does SD-WAN supports LTE SIM card slot?​

Most of the devices does not have provision for LTE SIM card slot. However SIM card solution can be offered by connecting SIM card into 4G Router and output can be connected to SD-WAN M1/M2 port using RJ45.​

3. Is there downtime for customer traffic, during BW upgrade/downgrade?

The IP sec tunnel needs to restart during BW upgrade/downgrade and there is downtime of less than 30 sec for IP Sec to restart.

4. How secure is the communication between SD-WAN device and Vodafone PoP?​

All the communications happen between Network Access Point (NAP) and Vodafone POP is encrypted (AES 128/256).

5. Does Vodafone offer Management Portal access to their customer?​

Yes, Vodafone will provide management portal access to the customer.

6. Does optimisation works per application or all traffic?​

SaaS optimisation works per application wise. For example, in O365 there are multiple apps so we need to optimise application wise. By default SD-WAN can do SaaS optimisation for common traffic like Salesforce, SharePoint etc. ​

7. What are additional requirements we need to achieve SaaS optimisation?​

SaaS optimisation requires SSL certificate to be installed in customer device (laptop/desktop) for accessing application in public cloud.

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