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What's in it for you?

Vodafone delivers carrier-class Cloud Telephony and hosted business phone services with all the features organizations expect from a traditional phone system — plus unified communications, services such as mobile apps, audio conferencing and more.




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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vodafone's Cloud PBX solution?

Vodafone's Cloud PBX is a flexible and scalable cloud hosted telephony solution designed  to meet your communications needs. It delivers all the features of a fully loaded on premise phone system at a more affordable price.

2. How much does it cost?

Vodafone Cloud PBX is available on an OpEx model, you pay for the seat costs on a monthly basis.
The phones are available on a lease-to-own model. Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

3. What is the minimum service term contract?

Contract options are available on a 3 year or 5 year term.

4. Does the solution require internet connection to work?

The solution can work on Vodafone's MPLS private network and over the internet, however for more than 5 extensions we recommend Vodafone's MPLS solution for optimal performance.

5. What equipment's will be installed at my premise?

Vodafone will install a PoE switch and IP phones at the premises. There is no physical PBX hardware which will be installed at the site.

6. Do I have to pay for any upgrade works on the PBX?

There are no costs for upgrade works, any upgrade is done during the maintenance window and available for the end users.

7. Can I retain my existing phone number?

Vodafone Cloud PBX has options to help you retain your existing numbers for inbound calls. However, all outbound calls will be channeled through the Vodafone lines. 

8. Are there cost savings with a Cloud PBX system Vs. an on-premise system?

Yes, there is cost savings with a Cloud PBX system.


✔ You are not buying any hardware.

✔ There is no maintenance or upgrade costs.

✔ It is available on a pay as you go model.

9. Is there any software applications available for the solution?


The Vodafone Cloud PBX solution is also available on soft clients.


✔ VF UC App for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.

✔ The soft clients will allow you to receive and make extension calls.


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