Customer Advisory - Hoax Calls and Messages


Dear Valued Customers,

It has come to our attention that some of our customers have recently received Viber messages on their phones from unknown individuals pretending to be Vodafone employees informing them that they have won a lottery and instructing them to dial a specific number to claim their prize. Vodafone PNG wishes to advise that these are hoax calls and messages sent through Viber are with an intention to defraud customers. We advise all our customers not to reply or take calls and/or viber messages from strangers. The simple test that customers can take is ask themselves, “Have I participated in any such competition of lottery to have won such a prize?” If the answer is no, then you should know that there is some ulterior motive behind such a call or message. We would like to advise all customers that these hoax messages and calls are NOT issued by Vodafone PNG. Likewise, we urge our customers to exercise caution and not to partake in responding to any such messages from unknown sources and parties. We continue to block such international numbers that have been identified as the origins of these hoax messages. Viber is third party Over the Top (OTT) app not within the control of network operators and, therefore, consumers are advised to make themselves aware of the risks associated with using such third-party applications. We urge our Customers to be vigilant and exercise caution and self-restraint so they do not become victims of such fraudulent acts. Customers should not reply to messages or calls from unknown sources or parties, and should check with our customer service department before disclosing any personal information that could lead to them being duped into making payments to unknown third parties.

For more information, call our customer care number 123

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