Vodafone PNG Celebrates Launch

Vodafone Mother's Day

Pictured here are some Vodafone PNG mother’s presenting merchandise to the Pepes Women’s Group of Gerehu, NCD

Friday 6 May, 2022

Mother’s Day as we know is a day dedicated to expressing love and gratitude to mothers, acknowledging the sacrifices women make for their children. It is a time to celebrate the women who birthed us, stood by us from toddlerhood through our teenage years and continue to counsel and love us.

In Papua New Guinea we are abundantly blessed with these incredible women as here a mother is not only biological – we also have adopted mums, aunties who are affectionately called “mummy”, babysitters who selflessly take on the role, our local community mamas who

call us “son” or “dota” as they hand us a buai in exchange for a chat and many more phenomenal women who play the part.

The Pepes Women’s Group of Gerehu (Stage 3A) are one of the groups of amazing women. The organisation’s spokesperson, Ms. Rosemary Matawai said, “About 90% of the mothers in my community are unemployed and look to informal means to support their families and as a full-time working mother, I felt the urge to help by raising funds to get our small SME group registered with the IPA and hopefully open more doors of opportunity for our mothers”.

The team at Vodafone PNG have supported the Pepes Women’s Group by donating much-needed merchandise in time for their first fundraising drive. The group hopes to raise enough funds through their Mother’s Day Walkathon to commence their SME business activities this month. President of the Pepe’s Women’s Group, Ms. Wari Karona went on acknowledge Vodafone PNG for their timely donation. “On behalf of the group, I would like to thank Vodafone PNG for assisting us. This support is a start for our drive towards raising funds for the mothers in our community”.

Vodafone PNG’s PR & Sponsorship Manager, Ms. Charmaine ToRobert said, “Vodafone is happy to support the worthy cause and we believe by empowering one mum, we can empower the whole family because our mothers are the heart of our families.” Should anyone wish to donate or get in touch with the Pepes Women’s Group, kindly contact them on 8190 3004.



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