Registration Process

Customers are required to register their sim cards as per regulations published in National Gazette No. G228 dated April 22, 2016. Vodafone services will only be activated after customers have successfully registered their sim cards.

Where can I get a new Vodafone Sim


  • You can visit any Vodafone Retail, Kiosk or Roadshow Teams to get a new sim. 

What do I need to register a new sim?

  • You will need to bring a valid ID card to be able to successful register your new sim card.
  • Accepted IDs include:
    • National ID Card
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptism Certificate
    • Student ID
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Superannuation Fund ID


  • You must register your mobile number in order to use Vodafone products and services.
  • You can only register and activate your sim card at any Vodafone Retail Outlets, Kiosk and Roadshows.
  • You must present a valid and original ID
  • A copy of your ID & facial photo will be kept for customer records.

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